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Project Aquatrine

Driving Value from PPP Procurement

The Strategic Defence review was commissioned by the Government to enable the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to identify opportunities to outsource non-strategic areas of responsibility and allow the MOD to focus on its core functions.

Aquatrine is the MOD's GB-wide water and wastewater project and one of the Government's largest Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects with a net present value of about 850million over the 25 year contract period. It covers the provision of water for drinking, fire-fighting and process usage, the removal of all surface water and wastewater and the maintenance and development of all assets to support these services. Additionally, it will ensure that the MOD will achieve efficiencies to meet its related environmental objectives.

Partnerships UK (PUK) entered into a Development Partnership Agreement with MOD Defence Estates in 2001 to provide financial resources and individual skills and experience to help deliver successful, timely, cost-effective and efficient procurement. As co-sponsor of the procurement, PUK joined the project board and has played a full and active role in assisting Defence Estates achieve improved value for money from the PPP and reduced front-end bid costs for both public and private sectors alike.

A partnering culture was adopted throughout the project, working collaboratively with industry to procure and deliver the required services. To sustain and develop these relationships, charters have been signed with all three service providers and a Partnering Management Organisation has been established to strategically manage the three contracts over their 25 year lifetime.

The project has cemented the relationship between PUK and Defence Estates. PUK has become an integral part of the Defence Estates team and provides additional advice and assistance on issues such as stakeholder and contract management. 

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