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About this Database

Our objective is to provide an extensive and readily available evidence base for all projects with a public:private focus within the UK.

The Database holds details of 861 projects. These projects have all achieved financial close and are primarily PFI schemes, but as the Database develops over time we will incorporate other forms of PPP and strategic partnerships such as the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) and Building Schools for the Future.

In bringing together the Database, we are working closely with HM Treasury and the Private Finance Units of all the Government Departments, as well as the Welsh Assembly Government, the Scottish Executive and the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland. We have also received assistance from 4ps, the PPP Forum, and a number of private sector companies.

Please note that the Database is not intended to be a definitive source of material in relation to PPPs or to act as a substitute for obtaining appropriate advice in relation to a particular project or purpose. The attention of users is drawn to the statement of Terms & Conditions.

Populating the database is an ongoing commitment for PUK. We are continually seeking to build on the information we hold for all the projects already listed in this Database, as well as adding details of new projects as and when the data becomes available.

This database represents a snapshot of these projects at closure however we are starting to include some operational data in areas such as benchmarking and insurance.  To ensure the data is historically accurate we have not re-classified projects or deleted the projects once they have closed, even if they have been merged with another project.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the material presented in this Database or wish to contribute information please contact the Database Manager.

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