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Who we are

The PUK OTF core team comprises senior transactors with a wide and diverse range of experience in all sectors of PFI at procurement and and operational stages.  In addition to the named individuals below, the OTF has full access to all of PUK’s transacting and management resource as well as representatives from HM Treasury and 4Ps.

Andy Carty
Andy heads up and provides senior, board level support and direction to the OTF. As PUKs Chief Operating Officer he has unparalleled access to senior decision makers across Government and facilitates the strategic direction of the OTF. Andy was the first Chief Executive of the SIB in Northern Ireland and  was responsible for IT as a member of Treasury Taskforce, the body that preceded PUK.

Jonathan Clarke
Jon provides day to day services under the Refinancing Taskforce remit. He joined Partnerships UK in July 2005 as an Assistant Director and works across a range of financial and commercial areas. Jon previously worked on the private side of PFI transactions at WS Atkins. Prior to that he worked at Ernst & Young, where he trained as an accountant before moving to the project finance team.

Sian Dunstan
Sian coordinates all of the work of the OTF on a day to day basis, liaising with HM Treasury, 4Ps, central Government departments, as well as all of the transactors within PUK. Sian was a founder member of PUK having previously carved out a successful career for 15 years in investment banking

David Kent
David is one of the core OTF team members and has led on all of the work in respect of benchmarking and market testing. An experienced transactor, David was previously Head of the Prison Service’s (and latterly the National Offender Management Service’s) central Commercial and Competitions Unit which was responsible for the Home Office’s programme of PFI prison projects and its prisons performance testing and market testing programmes.

Val Knight
Val is one of the core OTF team members and has led on all of the work on the transition from procurement to contract management. She is also leading for the OTF on work on variations. An experienced transactor, Val has been on secondment to Partnerships for Schools where she was a member of the commercial and legal team. She has also carried out research on operational PFI projects and on operational schools projects.

Mira Megisova
Mira provides comprehensive administrative support to the Operational Taskforce.

Michael Rees
Michael is PUK’s database manager and provides all of the infromation management needs for the OTF. His principal responsibility is for the projects database and he has developed the benchmarking database, used by OTF to support benchmarking exercises.

Andy Rose
Andy provides board level support and direction to the Refinancing Taskforce. A Director of PUK plc, Andy previously held the role of Managing Director, Investment Banking at CIBC in London responsible for the Bank’s Infrastructure team. This team predominately focused on PFI / PPP transactions.

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