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This is the Homepage for the Office of Government Commerce (OGC)’s ICT Services Guidance. The Guidance available through this site is promulgated by OGC for use in UK Government ICT Services contracts.

Please note that all documents on this site are now at Version 2.1 (published June 2007)

Click here to view the document summarising the changes introduced in Version 2.1.

Link to OGC site


The site contains comprehensive guidance (a model agreement with embedded and additional stand-alone guidance) and also provides access to the Partnerships UK Helpdesk which has been set up to handle technical queries relating to the documents available on this site.


We encourage feedback on the content, application and use of the Guidance. If you have any comments please send them to us using the Feedback facility on this website; they will be taken into account in preparing future updates.


Please note that this Guidance (including the terms and conditions and schedules) is not a replacement for independent, specialist advice and users should ensure that they take appropriate legal, financial and technical advice in using documents accessed from this website. OGC and its advisers accept no liability whatsoever for any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings arising from reliance placed upon this Guidance.

Other Useful Contacts

If you require guidance on input based ICT contracts (e.g. purchasing IT supplies) or wider procurement advice on ICT projects, please go to the OGC website at or contact the OGC Service Desk.

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