Case Studies

The PUK Project Database holds details of over 885 PPP/PFI projects. Additionally, we have compiled a number of project and programme case studies that demonstrate our work across a range of different sectors. A selection of these case studies is provided below.

 Primary Health Care
        A new national delivery mechanism for Primary Health Care. 
 Colchester Garrison
        Providing Soldiers with 21st century accommodation.
 MoD Aquatrine
        Driving value from PPP procurement.         
        Optimising commercial and operational benefits from Estates Rationalisation.
 Partnerships for Schools
        Delivering education for the 21st Century.

Commercialisation and Wider Market Case Studies:

 Boxer Communications Tower
        Maintenance of 114 Communication Towers.
 RAF Merchandising
        The RAF Roundel.
 Scottish Fuel Depot
        Reducing running costs whilst maintaining military capability.
 Institute of Animal Health
        Science Projects.
 British Waterways
         Regeneration of the British Waterways. 
 Probate Online
        Digitising the Probate Record.
 Natural Environment Research Council
        Outsourced Concept Development.
        Using maggots as a commercial product.
 Forest Holidays
         Encouraging public use of forest.
 Forensic Science Service
        Utilising FSS's asset base and R&D facilities.

 CEFAS Technology 
        Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science.  


For further details of any of PUK’s work, please contact the relevant industry sector contact in Business Sectors.

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