A constant presence in a changing market
Partnerships UK was set up in 2000 to succeed the Treasury Taskforce and set up a permanent centre of excellence, moving away from the old model of ‘revolving-door’ secondments that offered no retention of expertise or knowledge.

Sprung from the Treasury Taskforce
The Treasury Taskforce was set up by the Labour Government in 1997 to reinvigorate the private finance initiative. Created within HM Treasury, it consisted of both a policy arm staffed by Treasury and seconded staff, and a project arm headed up by Adrian Montagu and staffed bya people from the private sector.

Our formation recognised the increasingly complex way that the public sector was engaging with the private sector, and the need to supplement and enhance the public sector skills base.

PUK timeline
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A new way of working   HM Treasury
This new engagement required the public and private sectors to work together in partnership to better deliver services to the UK citizen. PUK is itself a public private Scottish Executivepartnership (PPP). It has an arms length relationship with HM Treasury, operational independence, and 51% private sector equity ownership - with the balance owned by HM Treasury and the Scottish Executive.

PUK was established on a commercial but non-profit maximising basis – to introduce a cultural shift in the way that PPP support is provided within the public sector.

Growing demand

Since PUK was launched, over 900 PFI projects worth over £70 billion have been procured and PUK has played a major part in the development of this market. The PUK team, recruited from a wide range of private and public-sector backgrounds, has grown from 15 in 2001 to over 80 at present, a measure of the demand from the public sector in seeking PUK’s support to help improve its procurement and service delivery capability. 

Innovative solutions to government imperatives

From our initial work engendering and encouraging public private partnerships (including private finance initiatives) we now work across the UK and in all parts of the public sector, pioneering new forms and methods of delivery and supporting the government in delivering innovative solutions to policy imperatives.