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PUK has been involved at the forefront of education PFI projects and PPPs since its inception,

In addition to PUK's joint sponsorship of Partnerships for Schools as a major plank for the Building Schools for the Future Initiative, PUK supports the Department for Education and Skills, the Scottish Executive and the Stratgic Investment Board of Northern Ireland in respect of all aspects of PPPs relating to education.

Examples of recent and ongoing education assignements work undertaken by PUK include

  • Outsourcing by DfES of central department role on local authority schools PFI procurements

  • Major research exercise on performance and experience of sscholls PFI projects including interviews with local authorities and headteachers

  • Review of viability of six schools procurements in Northern Ireland for Strategic Investment Board

  • Coordination and support to schools projects affected by the recent difficulties of Jarvis plc, a major player in the PFI schools market

  • Support to delivery of the Sure Start and Children's Centre initiatives.

  • Development partnership support to the Argyll and Bute schools project, the first to be structured to include a not for profit PFI contractor.

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