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The Government is committed to increasing the efficiency of the public sector, both through more effective management and delivery of public services and fuller utilisation of public assets. The Wider Markets Initiative (WMI) – sometimes referred to as Commercialisation - encourages the public sector to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach to making the most effective and efficient use of public assets by exploiting their commercial potential.

Partnerships UK has an established Commercialisation team to provide a single point of focus and support for commercialisation issues across the public sector.

We work with the full range of public sector bodies including Central Government Departments, local government, agencies, public sector research establishments and universities.

The Wider Markets policy applies to all asset types, both physical and non-physical and includes, for example,

  • Non-physical assets: Software, Databases, Information, Expertise, Skills, Brands, Intellectual property
  • Physical assets: Equipment , Land, Premises

WAI - AA Compliant
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