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ITC Team

The Information Technology and Change (ITC) team combines strategic and commercial expertise to support public-private IT-based partnerships by structuring negotiations as well as the technology management and operations. With the ability to engage on projects from conception through to the delivery and renewal of project contracts, the ITC team provides a level of expert advice unique in its breadth and depth of experience. We believe our support makes a fundamental difference to the success of the procurement, implementation and operation of technology-enabled projects.

We adopt a collaborative approach a our rare combination of strategic and commercial services and support. The ITC team combines insightful knowledge of significant projects across government departments with close guidance, best practice and industry insight.

Regarded as a trusted in-house advisor, our role is distinct from the traditional private and public sector advisors and allows us to keep the confidence of the public sector thanks to our unrivalled experience and quality of advice on PPP's and PFI's.

The success of ICT service delivery relies heavily upon the carefully integrated business processes. Key principles to ensure the success of public sector ICT initiatives, set out by OGC, ensure that we fully incorporate a number of vital areas in our advice, including:

  • intelligent integration of financial experience,
  • an in-depth understanding of commercial principles,
  • sound knowledge of ICT suppliers, and
  • familiarity with ICT operations, business change and a variety of technologies, including the associated risks.

Clients are encouraged to make full use of our collective capabilities across these vital project areas. Projects that have benefited from the PUK’s ITC team involvement include, for example, Connecting for Health (formerly the National Programme for IT), National Road Pricing and, currently, the ID Cards and e-borders programmes.

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