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How we work

The Commercialisation team works exclusively with the public sector. We bring our extensive experience of the public-private area, commercial experience and skills for the benefit of public sector clients at all stages of commercialisation. We are able to draw senior level expertise and experience across a full range of the public sector’s activities including health, defence, property, schools, IT, waste management and local government.

The Commercialisation Team engages with public sector clients in a number of ways:


We run a Wider Markets Helpdesk on behalf of HM Treasury. Any public sector organisation has access to the Helpdesk.


We act as principal advisors – providing strategic commercial support to a range of projects and initiatives using agreed charge rates under Framework Agreements with government departments and other authorities.

Examples of case studies:

Forensic Science Service, NERC

Working “at risk”

Uniquely Partnerships UK is able to work “at risk” on commercialisation transactions. This means that we are paid on the successful outcome of the project (i.e. at financial close). Partnerships UK can also act as a co-sponsor, participating in the management and decision-making of the project at key stages. This arrangement ia also referred to as a Development Partnership Agreement (DPA).

Examples of project delivered via DPAs:

Forest Holidays, Zoobiotic, British Waterways

Partnerships UK is also able to consider making direct equity investments in a transaction. Click here to view the Equity section of our website.

PUK’s leadership role in policy promotion and delivery

Partnerships UK also has a leadership role in promoting the commercialisation agenda throughout the public sector. We are recognised by HM Treasury and NAO in this regard.

Our activities include formulation of commercialisation training to embed commercial skills and to build capacity to improve delivery of public services.

We also organise commercialisation forums and seminars to disseminate best practice to and provide a networking opportunity for Wider Market Officers. Through our advisory, transactional and leadership activities mentioned above we have established a commercialisation community in the public sector.

In all these ways we fulfil our mission of acting as an effective bridge between the public and private sector.



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