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Science & Technology

Our Clients

The Commercialisation Team has a strong focus on Science and Technology. We work closely with the PSRE* community across the UK, to help those organisations to identify and commercialise opportunities.

Our work includes advice and transactional support for example:-

  • Asset audit (tangible or intangible)
  • Identification of protectable intellectual property
  • Assessment of the commercial viability of projects
  • Identifying optimal routes to market
  • Helping to find/apply for development funds (e.g. proof of concept)
  • Obtaining Govt approvals for projects
  • Critical analysis of Business Plans and Outline Business Cases
  • Workshops and training sessions
  • Best Practice & SOPs (Standard Operating Practices)

How we engage

  • Helpdesk (using our support from HMT/OSI)
  • Fee paid, project specific assignments
  • Working at our risk in development partnerships (DPA)

Examples of projects:

Zoobiotic, NERC

Key reports relevant to our sector:-

OSI consultation paper (December 2006) on the future funding of the PSRE scheme

The 1999 Baker Report

Government’s Response to the Baker Report

The Lambert Review

Ten-year investment framework

*PSRE (Public Sector Research Establishments) include Research Councils, NHS Trusts and NHS Innovation Hubs, Government sponsored research labs, and Museums and Galleries (that conduct research).

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