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WORKSHOP - DVLA - 5 Febraury 2007  
Commercial use of DVLA data - Wider Markets Initiative & NAO Report Recommendations - Graham Cook & Sunil Shahaney (Partnerships UK)
Charging for information - 7 December 2006  
The Commercial Use of Public Information (CUPI) market study - Antoinette Graves (Office of Fair Trading)

Fees and Charges
Points to look out for when considering charging for information
Fees and Charges Guidance

- Sue Warrington (HM Treasury)
Charging for Information: Legal Issues - Hazel Grant (Bird & Bird)
Wider Markets Forum - 6 July 2006  
Commercial Development In The Environment Agency - Iain Laird (Environment Agency)
Forest Holidays Joint Venture - Peter Ranken (Forestry Commission)
Property Commercialisation Opportunities - Andrew Ludiman (King Sturge)
Taking Forward the NAO’s Recommendations - Howel Jones & Graham Cook (Partnerships UK)
Wider Markets Survey 2005 - Alan Driver (Partnerships UK)

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