Asset Management

Sir Michael Lyons' Review into the use of public assets.
Sir Michael Lyons conducted a review of the use of public assets.
The National Asset Register

In the 2004 Spending Review, the Chancellor asked Sir Michael Lyons to conduct a study into the management of public sector assets and how the current asset management regime might be improved to secure further efficiency savings and achieve the government's objective of £30 billion of asset sales by 2010.

In December 2004 Sir Michael published his findings and recommendations in his report "Towards Better Management of Public Sector Assets- A Report to the Chancellor of the Exchequer".

Strategic asset management

Sir Michael confirmed that the government's objective of £30 billion of asset sales was challenging but achievable. He also noted that a key component of asset management is to take a strategic view of which assets are best retained and efficiently exploited, as well as to identify those which should be disposed of to generate resources for reinvestment.

The Wider Markets Initiative is a key part of better asset management.

Improving efficiency

The National Asset Register is a vital part of the government’s drive to improve efficiency in the public sector, enabling more informed decisions about the holding, acquisition and disposal of assets. The register helps departments to make the best use of everything they own, and to judge whether assets are still needed.

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