Aquatrine Plane.
Aquatrine. Non-strategic areas, in this case the provision of water and waste water, were outsourced to allow the MoD to focus on its core functions.
Innovative solutions for complex procurement initiatives

PUK is supporting the Ministry of Defence across a wide and challenging programme of procurement projects. Defence PPP projects are invariably large and complex, and can involve the setting up of innovative contracting structures and be based on leading edge technological assets. Some also contain novel and defence-only issues, and the projects are often being undertaken against a climate of rapidly changing military context.

The level and type of engagement that PUK provides varies according to circumstance. It includes the Development Partnership Agreement model, targeted “troubleshooting” project support via the MoD/PUK framework arrangement through to help desk advice, for example on commercialisation ideas. 

Working with the Ministry of Defence

GCHQ New Accommodation Project
GCHQ new accomodation project.
PUK offers a comprehensive PPP service, bringing to bear and co-ordinating the wide range of expertise available within PUK, which includes procurement, project management, finance, legal (e.g. derogations from SoPC4 that is, deviations from the standard contract), property and IT.

Recent projects
Types of work PUK has recently undertaken with the MoD include:
  • Undertaking key stage project reviews.
  • Development work on procurement strategies, payment mechanisms and contract documentation.
  • Providing expertise to project boards.
  • Help with competitive dialogue.
  • Supporting the refinancing of signed MoD PFI projects.

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