Valuable lessons from the UK.
Worldwide interest in PPP
The use of PPPs in delivering value for money and modernising the provision of public services in the UK has attracted worldwide interest. While each country's approach to PPPs has to be developed within the policy objectives of the host government and according to the private and public sector resources available, the UK's experience and, increasingly, the experience being gained in other countries in the successful development of PPPs has valuable lessons for those countries starting out on the road to develop their own PPP programmes. Our central implementation role and public sector mission in the UK together with our growing involvement worldwide with the development of PPP programmes, provides an effective channel for sharing up to date, relevant and practical experience from the UK and other markets.

Our work with other governments
PUK has now worked with over 10 governments around the world in providing high level strategic and practical support for the development of their own PPP programmes. In all these markets, PPP programmes are now developing strongly. Typically our work involves support for the design and structure of the PPP programme, the development of public sector capacity including developing a PPP implementing unit. We might also be involved in helping to select appropriate PPP pilot PPP projects and with the development of the guidance and methodologies that the public authorities need to prepare and manage projects.

This support is usually delivered by a combination of missions to or from the UK, 'helpdesk' support and through the annual PPP Foundation Masterclass for public sector officers in PPP implementing units that is organised from time to time.

PPP Foundation Masterclass

Based on the expertise it has developed through its work, Partnerships UK has developed the PPP Foundation Masterclass as a detailed introduction to PPPs for overseas governments and for those implementing PPP programmes.

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Examples of recent work

Flags of the World
PUK has advised governments from South Africa to India.
Some examples of our recent support to international governments include:  

  • South Africa, where, for a number of years, we provided high level support to the SA Treasury PPP Unit with both project specific and programme support e.g. the development of the SA Treasury’s standard PPP contract documentation.
  • Mexico, where we assisted the Ministry of Finance (Hacienda) and line Ministries with strategic programme issues, pilot project selection and implementation support.
  • Brazil, where we have provided strategic support to the PPP Unit in the Federal Ministry of Planning, Budget & Management.
  • India, where we have assisted the central government in a number of policy areas and in the development of their standard contracts and processes.

As we focus only on the public sector, PUK is able to support public sector authorities around the world without fear of conflict of interest and to provide strategic advice and participation in a unique way.

For further information contact Edward Farquharson.

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