Operational Task Force (OTF)

Improving the operational performance of projects
The Operational TaskForce (OTF) was set up by the Treasury in 2006 to provide help, support and guidance to the public sector managers of operational PFI/PPP projects.

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The OTF can advise on contract strategies, benchmarking and refinancing of operational contracts.
Free at point of use 

Located in Partnerships UK, it is free at the point of use. Staffed by experienced PUK practitioners, its primary role is to assist the public sector in improving the operational performance of PFI and PPP contracts.

The OTF advises and provides guidance on a wide range of operational issues, including the development of contract management strategies, benchmarking, market testing, managing variations, refinancing and other issues that occur during the operational phase of a contract.

Find out more about the OTF

In this section you can find out more about the OTF, including:

For further information contact (020) 7273 8356 or email operationaltaskforce@partnershipsuk.org.uk.