Skye BridgePUK works closely with the Scottish Government
PUK's Scottish team, based in our Edinburgh office, works closely with the Scottish Government, in particular with the Financial Partnerships Unit, the Health Directorate Private Finance and Capital Unit, as well as a range of local authority and other public sector clients across a broad spectrum of public private partnerships. We complement our Scottish-based team with expert and highly experienced resource from the wider PUK resource base.

Examples of our work
Assignments include:

  • Working alongside the Scottish Government, leading the development of a Strategic Business Case for the Scottish Futures Trust Initiative.
  • Working alongside the Scottish Government’s Health Directorate to take forward the hub Initiative, an innovative procurement and delivery model for primary health and social care infrastructure.
  • Supporting Transport Scotland with delivery of the Borders Rail project and the new Forth Crossing procurement.
  • Successful delivery of the first PPP project in Scotland to contract with a Non-Profit-Distributing organisation (NPD), using a Development Partnership Agreement to support to the Argyll and Bute Council schools’ NPD project.
  • Support for Tayside Health Board in the delivery of the first health NPD deal.
  • Development partnership support to Dumfries & Galloway Council on their Schools PPP.
  • Support for groupings of local authorities as they develop OBCs to manage residual waste treatment.
  • Key Stage Reviews for the Scottish Government in the schools, health and transport sectors, as well as bespoke project reviews.
  • Partnership support to the Forestry Commission's 'Forest Holidays' joint venture PPP.
  • Support to TIE Ltd (the City of Edinburgh Council's subsidiary transport procurement company) on the Edinburgh tram scheme.
  • Support to several Operational PPP projects, including dispute resolution and negotiation of contract variations, liaising with the HMT Operational Taskforce and HMT Refinancing Taskforce as required.

Key Stage Reviews
The PUK Scottish team have developed a series of reviews that are implemented at key procurement stages on individual projects across the programme of investment. Key Stage Reviews (KSR) have been undertaken prior to OJEU, at tender launch, at Preferred Bidder selection and pre financial close across major infrastructure investment sectors.

The Key Stage Review process initiated, developed and implemented by PUK has been found to do the following:

  • Provide a conduit by which the Scottish Government can now exercise control and review over projects.
  • Allow early intervention and specialist support requirements on projects to be identified and implemented.
  • Improved procurement risk management of individual projects and across programmes.
  • Enhanced delivery of robust, affordable and value for money projects thereby improving market appetite.
Reports at each KSR stage culminate in a number of recommendations for taking the project forward that, if implemented, lead to a more effective and efficient procurement. This process is now being adopted by other UK investment programme sponsors.


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