Supporting Commercialisation across the public sector 

PUK has an established Commercialisation Team to provide a single point of focus and support for commercialisation issues across the public sector. We work with the full range of public sector bodies including central government departments, NDPBs, agencies and public sector research establishments.

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Identifying opportunities for science and technology

PUK has a strong focus on science and technology, working closely with the PSRE (Public Sector Research Establishments) community across the UK, helping them to identify and commercialise opportunities.

Our work includes advice and transactional support, for example:

  • Asset audit (tangible or intangible).
  • Identification of protectable intellectual property.
  • Assessment of the commercial viability of projects.
  • Identifying optimal routes to market.
  • Helping to find/apply for development funds (e.g. proof of concept).
  • Obtaining Government approvals for projects.
  • Critical analysis of business plans and outline business cases.
  • Workshops and training sessions.
  • Best Practice & SOPs (Standard Operating Practices).