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To date PUK has invested £5 million in BSFI..
Co-investing with government
PUK has been at the forefront of education PFI and PPPs projects since inception and has provided support to the majority of the 106 PFI Schools projects that were undertaken prior to the Building Schools for the Future Programme (BSF).

Building Schools for the Future
Building Schools for Future (BSF) is the Government's programme to rebuild and renew every secondary school in England so that all schools undergo transformational change making them fit for the 21st century.  BSF, together with delivery of the Academies building programme is being delivered by Partnerships for Schools. 

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PUK is a 50% partner in Building Schools for the Future.
Partnerships for Schools
Partnerships for Schools (PfS) is a non-departmental public body, established by DCSF, to deliver the Building Schools for the Future programme.
PUK provides 50% of the running costs of PfS, sits on the Board and provides staff on secondment as required. 

Building Schools for the Future LLP (BSFI)
BSFI invests in the Local Education Partnerships (LEPS) which are set up to deliver new and upgraded schools in the Building Schools for the Future programme alongside the Local Authority. BSFI and the Authority each provide 10% of the shareholders funds in the LEPS. 

In addition, BSFI will invest up to 19% in the equity and subordinated debt of any PFI Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) that are set up to deliver PFI projects under the programme. BSFI has a director on the board of all LEPS and SPVs that it invests in.  PUK is a 50% partner in BSFI together with DCSF.  To date PUK has invested over £5 million pounds in BSFI.

Further information on BSF, BSFI and PfS can be obtained from PfS or PUK can be contacted on 020 7273 8347 or Sian Dunstan.