New social housing on the Stanhope estate nearing completion

Delivering investment in housing
PUK has been working with key public sector bodies, including Communities and Local Government, local authorities and other housing bodies both in England and the devolved territories to improve the flow of PFI and PPP projects to deliver the investment required in housing.

Private sector co-investment
Reinvestment in existing public housing stock to improve standards to modern requirements and the development of additional affordable housing for rent and owner occupation are the subject of a major on-going government investment programme. Private sector co-investment forms an important component in the delivery of government objectives and serves to expand the range of outcomes facilitated through government programmes.

Recent and ongoing work
Examples of recent and ongoing work undertaken by PUK include:

  • Co-sponsorship through a development partnership agreement with Ashford Borough Council of a housing PFI project for the regeneration of the Stanhope Estate.
  • Funding and development support for the Safe Haven scheme for temporary to permanent accommodation.
  • Providing post-contract support to ensure effective handover to the operational project team
  • Ad-hoc support to Local Authorities in the delivery of housing PFI schemes.

For further information contact (020) 7273 8347 or Peter Impey.