Governance & Stakeholders

Partnerships UK is committed to complete transparency in how we work and conduct our affairs.

Board Membership
Partnerships UK has five executive directors and seven Non-Executive Directors, including representatives from HM Treasury and the shareholder executive. Private shareholders do not have any direct board memberships.  View profiles of the executive and non-executive members of the Partnerships UK board.

Advisory Council
We have an Advisory Council, whose role is to advise us on any issues that arise from our role as a PPP and our public sector mission. In conjunction with the Advisory Council we have produced codes of conduct that explain our relationships with our shareholders and how we will manage any conflict of interest that may arise. View the members of the independent Advisory Council that oversees the work of PUK and ensures that it remains on mission.

Annual reports
Each year we report on our activities and performance, publishing our annual Report and Accounts. Separately our Advisory Council produces its own independent report.

Corporate and Social Responsibility
We have adopted a set of policies and practices designed to promote sustainability and preserve natural resources and the more general environment. Additionally, we have recently published our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

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