Our website is built to AA Bobby accessibility requirements. AA accessibility provides the following:

Content production/coding

  • Provides alternative ways of viewing your content
  • Ensures that all text can be resized
  • Ensures pages are usable with scripts/applets turned off
  • Ensures pages are readable with style-sheets turned off
  • Provides HTML alternatives to non-text content (flash etc.)
  • Ensures equivalents for dynamic content are updated when dynamic content is updated


  • For data tables, it identifies row and column headers
  • For data tables with >1 logical level of row or column headers, it uses mark-up to associate data cells and header cells
  • Ensures that text of more than two lines is left aligned
  • Ensures that pages have a logical tab order through all screen elements
  • Adheres WAI Level AA Standards & Guidelines
  • Uses validated HTML


  • It is readable with style-sheets/scripts turned off and text & background colours changed
  • Provides HTML alternatives to non-text content (Flash etc.)
  • Uses pictures and symbols in addition to text / Present information in multiple ways


  • Ensures all information conveyed with colour is available without colour, or from context/mark-up
  • Ensures that there is sufficient contrast between text and background colours
  • Whenever possible, use a plain solid background


  • Provides consistent navigation
  • Clearly defines the different sections of the page & ensure consistent location of screen objects
  • Ensures that pages have a logical tab order through all screen elements
  • Ensures page layout supports enlarging of text
  • Avoids putting “too much" on the page
  • Uses scrolling pages, not multiple pages
  • Has suitable space around links / Ensure that links are large enough to select easily
  • Has tables that are appropriately designed and used for presenting data only
  • An appropriate typeface

Moving images:

  • Does not use blinking or moving text/images
  • Ensures time-outs are appropriate
  • Avoids scrolling text boxes (in forms)