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Benchmarking Information

Benchmarking Information

Value testing: benchmarking and market testing data

The OTF has started a project to collate information about value testing applied to PFI and PPP projects. So far, we have obtained responses from 290 projects. This information is now included in PUK's projects database and reflects our ongoing commitment to provide an extensive and readily available evidence base for all projects with a public/private focus within the UK.

As more projects complete their value testing exercise, the information provided will be added so that over time a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the market will be built up.

Value tested projects report

The Value Tested Projects Report contains information on the projects tested, price trends, market interest, sources of benchmarks and other data that we expect to be helpful to projects about to undertake or in the process of a benchmarking or market testing exercise. You can access this report here as a PDF. To view as a Crystal Report click here.

Value testing pipeline report

The OTF is building up a list of projects that are due to value test and when the exercise is scheduled to take place under there terms of the contract. The main purpose of this report is to provide advance information to the market about when opportunities to bid are likely to arise. You can access this report here as a PDF. To view as a Crystal Report click here.

Please Note - When you select a Crystal report for the first time your computer will ask you if you wish to install an ActiveX component. This is a viewer that will allow you to open and view the reports. To see the reports in Crystal you must download the viewer. If you are accessing the reports from a controlled environment you may need the permission of your IT Systems Administrator.

If you have any problems viewing the reports please click here to email  the Database Manager.

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