Information, Technology and Change (ITC)

Helping technology-enabled and change projects

The Information, Technology and Change (ITC) team combines experience of dealing with large-scale technology-enabled change programmes across government with a pragmatic understanding of best practise within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services industry.  The team brings together a variety of complimentary skills and includes experienced individuals who have worked in both the public and private sectors as information and technology executives, industry consultants, service providers, bankers and accountants.

We offer a broad spectrum of services, aimed at supporting the successful establishment and management of projects, including strategic and commercial expertise from policy definition and procurement strategy formulation through negotiation to contract management. We also host and support the development of the OGC best practice Model Agreement and Guidance for ICT Services.

Projects and Programmes that have recently benefited from the ITC team’s involvement include:

  •  Personal Accounts at the Department for Work and Pensions;
  • Future Core Networks at the Ministry of Defence;
  • e-Borders at the Home Office;
  •  NHS Connecting for Health; and
  • Access to Public Services, a cross-government initiative.

    ITC deliver high quality public services through stronger partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Procurement and Commercial Support

Our Procurement and Commercial Support service line offers a range of skills and knowledge to support the procurement and/or management of service based contracts. Offering strategic and commercial expertise, we engage with projects from conception, through procurement, operation and the renewal of contracts. We work with our public sector clients to achieve success, or, occasionally, to correct failings. Examples include:

  • Supporting the establishment of intelligent customer functions;
  • Overseeing development of the procurement strategy and management of the competitive dialogue process;
  • Engaging in market development;
  • Developing the structure and operation of sophisticated payment mechanisms; and
  • Providing post-contract support to ensure effective handover to the ongoing operational team.

Policy Delivery Assurance

Our Policy Delivery Assurance service line is structured to address the ‘silo effect’ that can get in the way of successful implementation of policy. Much of our work involves supporting the implementation of policy or business strategy through business change.


To deliver policy successfully through business change you need to keep all elements of a Programme in close alignment

Effective delivery requires four distinct areas to come together consistently:

              • Policy and Business Strategy;
              • Design and Requirements;
              • Commercial and Procurement; and
              • Suppliers.

We have found that often the greatest challenge is keeping these four areas aligned, consistent and in step. We work with these teams to create clarity and alignment around common objectives. Examples include:

  • Enabling new policy statements and design blueprints to be translated into a pragmatic commercial approach;
  • Creating strategies to enable policy to be delivered within technical and market constraints;
  • Identifying how policy objectives and sourcing strategy create integration risks that threaten delivery; and
  • Structuring requirements into an output based specification.

For further information on ITC Services please contact or call us on (020) 7273 8345.