Environment & Waste

Helping drive the implementation of government's waste policy

The government's waste policy includes reducing the use of landfill.

PUK  works with local authorities in England, and departments in Scotland and Wales, to help drive the implementation of the government's waste policies:

  • Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Reducing use of landfill.
  • Improving the efficiency of resource usage.
  • Increasing the generation of renewable energy.

To meet EU landfill diversion targets for 2020, it is estimated that the UK must invest circa £10 billion, a substantial portion of which will be mobilised from the private sector.

In England

In England, PUK’s work in the waste sector is delivered through the Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme (WIDP), a delivery unit established by Defra, which combines the skills and expertise of Defra, PUK and 4ps. PUK, through WIDP,

Waste processing
The Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme (WIDP) is the delivery unit in England.
make available programme management resources to Defra and, to Local Authorities, personnel with procurement and project management experience as well as specialised waste sector and commercial skills.

In Scotland

PUK’s work in Scotland has covered a number of areas relating to development and delivery of an investment programme for residual waste treatment facilities. In addition to working closely with the Scottish Government, PUK also provides direct support to several Local Authorities.

In Wales

In Wales, PUK is working with the Welsh Assembly Government’s Department of Environment, Sustainability and Housing to develop a programme delivery framework for waste infrastructure and to support individual Local Authority consortia undertaking investment projects for residual and food waste projects. 

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