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Partnerships UK,
10 Great George Street,
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Switchboard:   (020)    7273 8383
Fax:                   (020)    7273 8368


PUK offers 4 different help desk services:

  1. General Help Desk
    (020) 7273 8383
    PUK provides swift advice in response to limited enquiries or requests for urgent assistance relating to UK PFI or PPP matters. This service is available to both public and private sector organisations.  For overseas projects, please see the International section
  2. Operational Projects Help Desk
    (020) 7273 8356
    Help to operational PFI projects and on the refinancing of PFI projects (see OTF section). 
  3. Commercialisation Help Desk
    (020) 7273 8050
    Help to public bodies with their commercialisation activities (see Commercialisation section).
  4. OGC ICT Guidance Help Desk                                                                         
    (020) 7273 8038       
    Help on OGC’s model ICT services contract and associated guidance.
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