Property & Regeneration

Strategic land and property capability

PUK provides a strategic land and property capability for the public sector. We work alongside central government departments, agencies and local authorities in the following principal areas:

  • Policy development: Helping to develop informed policies for land and property and the organisational structures required for delivery.
  • Project support: Enhancing the “intelligent client” function on specific land and property related projects from conception to completion.
  • Asset management: Supporting the planning and delivery of cost effective accommodation and services to front line operations and the development of new forms of partnership to optimise returns from surplus assets/liabilities.
  • Urban Regeneration: Increasing the levels of enduring private sector finance and skills into regeneration programmes.

We also help the public sector to select, brief and manage technical advisers on property and property market related issues.

Providing support in a number of waysMoD main building

In accordance with PUK’s overall mission we provide support exclusively to the public sector at the strategic level.

For general queries, help and guidance on PFI/PPP related matters we can provide support, free at the point of use, under the PUK Helpdesk on 020 7273 8384/8383 and at

For support on particular programmes, projects or issues we can act as co-principal advisors with the authorities – providing strategic commercial support to a range of projects and initiatives using agreed charge rates under framework agreements with government departments and other authorities.

For specific transactions we can act as co-sponsors. This means that we work “at risk” on transactions, participating in the management and decision-making of the procurement at key stages and being paid on the successful outcome of the project (i.e. at financial close). This arrangement is referred to as a Development Partnership Agreement (DPA). 

A dedicated property team

PUK has a dedicated technical capability in property supported by sector specialists and legal, IT and financial resources. Together they provide a source of strategic and transactional support on land, property and regeneration issues across the public sector. 

For further information contact (020) 7273 8363.