Standardisation and Market Support

PUK provides governance and regulatory support.

Regulation and standard practices
PUK supports the market in a number of ways, offering:
  • Immediate practical help to projects through its various help desks.
  • Broader market support through the production of guidance and standard forms.
  • Governance and regulatory support through various review processes.
  • Other areas of support, such as policy support to government, support to international governments, and general guidance.

Help Desks

PUK provides four different Help Desk services fro enquiries relating to PFI and PPP projects, ICT projects and commercialisation activities.  More details can be found on our Contact Us page.

PUK’s standardisation role has three main strands:

  1. SoPC4: Assisting HM Treasury in the provision of comprehensive guidance through Version 4 of Standardisation of PFI Contract Terms (SoPC4). SoPC4 includes guidance on the key issues that arise in PFI projects, in order to promote the achievement of commercially balanced contracts and deliver best value for money. SoPC has, in its several versions, played an important role in promoting a common understanding of the main risks which are encountered in PFI projects, and in achieving consistency of approach and pricing.
  2. Derogations: Assisting HM Treasury in approving any project or sector specific derogations which may be needed on any PFI project.
  3. Standard forms: Assisting departments in the development of sector specific standard form PFI contracts, building on SoPC4, and their approval by HM Treasury. View standard forms.

PUK has also helped produce guidance on the Model Contract for IT projects, on commercialisation, on operational projects, and on a range of other broader project matters.


PUK offers a range of reviews for departments or public bodies including, outline business case reviews, project readiness reviews, governance reviews and final business case reviews.

Policy support

PUK provides policy support to HM Treasury on matters of PPP policy.


PUK may also engage with International delegations and has assisted in a number of overseas guidance initiatives and project reviews.

Guidance and publications

For further guidance and publications, see the Guidance section.