Royal Hospital ward
A ward at the Royal Hospital.
Helping to modernise the National Health Service

PUK assists public sector bodies such as the Department of Health in England, NHS Trusts and Primary Care Trusts, introduce investment so that the Government can succeed in modernising the National Health Service. Effective procurement of new investment in hospitals, health centres and continuing care facilities is playing a crucial role in delivering new and improved health services.

PUK Health's activities have been focused on very large hospitals such as Barts and the London NHS Trust and on creating and implementing, with the Department of Health, the NHS Lift programme for investing in primary care premises.

Barts hospital
PUK helped the DoH develop its decontamination initiative.

PUK works alongside the public body, acting as co-sponsor of the investment, jointly determining and implementing the chosen procurement policy. One key objective is to bolster client-side skills so that procurement of a project or programme is more efficient and effective. Typically, PUK we use either contractual or corporate joint venture mechanisms to exert influence and share risks with the public sector procuring authority.

Involvement across the UK

As well as providing direct support to these projects and programmes, PUK Health has assisted the Department of Health develop its decontamination and hospital bundling initiatives, it has worked with the Scottish Executive Health Department to assess and develop a model for investment in primary and social care premises and has assisted the Strategic Investment Board in Northern Ireland push forward its hospital and primary care investment programmes.

Overseas assignments
PUK Health has also completed a number of assignments overseas typically working alongside national or provincial administrations. Examples include Canada and Mexico.

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