Working with Partnerships UK

A dedicated permanent centre of expertise

PUK is a dedicated and permanent centre of expertise available to the public sector. We provide  senior strategic support to public bodies, sharing responsibility for delivering successful partnership solutions, from the appointment and management of advisers to the scoping, development, troubleshooting and negotiation of value for money projects.

We can share risk with our public sector partners by investing our own capital and human resources in projects and programmes, including the provision of senior members of staff for key roles, and we therefore have a common interest with our partners in delivering successful outcomes.

Our activities include advice to government on the development of policy and regulatory compliance, setting up and co-sponsoring programmes for the delivery of public services, supporting individual major projects and investing to enable the commercialisation of public sector assets.

Help Desk
PUK Helpdesk (020) 7273 8383
Our services to the public sector are paid for at the point of use. The exception to this is in the case of Development Partnership Agreements where we act as co-sponsors.   

A helpdesk free at point of use for the public sector 
For general enquiries and project related issues on PFI/PPP related matters, Partnerships UK operates a help desk, free at the point of use, to departments and public sector bodies and may also be accessed by the private sector. 

You can contact the helpdesk on (020) 7273 8383 or by email at

Government departments engaging with Partnerships UK

We have established Framework Agreements with most government departments and the devolved administrations to allow our services to be procured quickly and efficiently.  Agencies, Trading Funds and Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) are generally covered through the Frameworks. Individual commissions will generally be engaged by way of call-off from the Framework Agreements, using established day rates or fixed fees.

Local authorities engaging with Partnerships UK

For local authorities and bodies not covered by the Framework contracts,  Partnerships UK will generally be engaged on a sole tender basis or through a Development Partnership Agreement . Because of its unique status and public mission Partnerships UK will not generally compete for work with private sector organisations.

Partnerships UK as co-sponsor: Development Partnership Agreements

Partnerships UK has a special right under European Procurement Regulations to enter into Development Partnership Agreements (DPAs) with any public sector organisation to support individual procurements without the authority having to compete the role. DPAs take the form of an agreement with the procuring authority based on pro-forma through which we become a co-sponsor of the procurement. This means that we will put our returns at risk against the successful completion of the procurement and will exercise a commensurate level of joint control over the process, thereby fully aligning our interest with the authority. We will then only be paid only on successful completion of the project or if it is cancelled for policy reasons.

For further information contact the helpdesk on (020) 7273 8383 or by email at