Justice & Custodial

From prisons to police detention facilities
WoldsPUK has provided support across the range of justice and custodial projects, including prisons, courts and police detention facilities. We are actively supporting NOMS at a strategic and project specific level in taking forward the current wave of PFI prisons.

Procurement strategies for the new wave of prisons
As well as providing direct support to these projects we have been assisting in the formulation of procurement strategies for the next wave of prisons including the proposed “Titan” prisons. We have undertaken a number of reviews for NOMS examining alternative PFI and non-PFI approaches in support of their aspiration to speed up the procurement process in order to address the immediate pressures on prison capacity.

AltcourseSpecialist Expertise

Our operational taskforce and refinancing team has also provided a great deal of support in this sector, providing NOMS with specialist expertise, for example in relation to refinancing of a prison project and the development of improved payment and performance mechanisms.

In addition to supporting NOMS, the Home Office and police authorities in relation to custodial facilities we have also provided support to NOMS in the development of commissioning strategies around the provision of wider offender management and probation services, building on our track record of support with Primary Care Trusts in the health sector.

For further information contact (020) 7273 8340 or Alan Couzens.