A driver of economic growth
Croydon TramlinkTransport infrastructure is a key driver of economic growth but transport projects can often be complex both in terms of procurement and stakeholder management.

PUK’s transport team works to support all public sector authorities involved in the delivery of transport infrastructure and transport related public services, both in central and local government.This support ranges from project and programme set-up and development, to non-executive procurement support, troubleshooting and post-contract assistance.

Working with agencies across the UK and overseas
In England we work with the Department for Transport, the Highways Agency, Transport for London, and regional and local transport agencies including PTEs and local authorities. In Scotland we work closely with Transport Scotland, and in Northern Ireland with the Strategic Carlisle to MillbankInvestment Board. We have also worked with a number of overseas governments.

Notable areas of activity have been our support to the PPP programmes to establish Network Rail as a successor to Railtrack, to upgrade the London Underground and to deliver a large programme of investment in light rail including extensions to the Docklands Light Railway and new schemes in Nottingham and Edinburgh. Current assignments include work with the promoters of the Crossrail project in London to develop a business case and evaluate funding and procurement models, with the Highways Agency on the M25 extension project and with local authorities promoting highways maintenance and street lighting schemes. 

For further information contact (020) 7273 8358 or James Papps.